ESP8266 – dockerized toolchain

Lightweight docker image built on top of debian:jessie-slim with installed xtensa toolchain, ESP8266_RTOS_SDK and few additional tools: xtensa-lx106 (crosstool-NG crosstool-ng-1.22.0-92-g8facf4c; 5.2.0) ESP8266_RTOS_SDK (v3.2) (v2.4) make (v4.2) cmake (v3.5) DockerHub: Installing Bellow you can find recommended simple one-line installer that pulls the newest docker-image and installs esp8266-toolchain script into “/usr/bin/” directory. curl | bash -s — Getting started … Read more

Installing ESP8266 RTOS SDK on Linux

This is a short how-to guide about installing ESP8266_RTOS_SDK on Ubuntu Linux. The new version of ESP8266_RTOS_SDK (v3.0) shares the same framework with esp-idf (official development framework for ESP32). The toolchain programs access ESP8266_RTOS_SDK using IDF_PATH environment variable which can be set in ~/.bashrc file. If you’re working with both ESP8266 and ESP32 then note that toolchains are using the … Read more

ESP8266 – NonOS SDK version of blinky

This blinky example is using pure ESP8266 Non-OS SDK (v2.0.0). This project template has been tested on Ubuntu Linux. The complete code is on GitHub, here. Parts Required ESP8266 Development Module (for example based on ESP-12N, with build in LED) Software This code is written in C and can be compiled using xtensa-lx106-elf-gcc.  Don’t know how to start? Please read about building ESP8266 toolchain … Read more

ESP8266 – building the toolchain for Linux (Ubuntu)

This is a quick tutorial that shows how to build a complete development environment (including FreeRTOS support) for the ESP8266 processors on Linux. These instructions have been tested successfully on Ubuntu 17.04. UPDATES [28.10.2019] Take a look at docker version of ESP8266 Toolchain [05.03.2019] If you want to use FreeRTOS in your project I recommend to install a … Read more