Arduino – blinky with Timer1 COMPA

Next Arduino blinky project. This version of “blinky” example is using Timer1 Compare Match A interrupt to make an onboard LED blink for roughly one second. The code is on Github, click here. Parts Required arduino board (i.e. Arduino/Genuino UNO) basic LED (on-board LED) Software This code is written in C++ and can be compiled using an Arduino IDE. All … Read more

ATtiny13 – blinky with timer COMPA (assembler version)

In this example I’would like to show you how to write in assembler “blinky” project that uses timer COMPA (Timer/Counter Compare Match A) interrupt. The previous blinky project is very similar to what is presented here, but with one exception – the delay section has been replaced by timer interrupt.  In our circuit LED is connected to PB0 and is blinking … Read more