Generating true random numbers using floating ADC input – myth or facts?

This article shows the feasibility of using ADC input of AVR chip as a source of True Random Number Generator (TRNG). I have prepared the testbed and recorded via UART (115200; 8N1) about 50’000’000 of 32bit random numbers. The tests took about 11 hours (including a time I spent to pray to UART for a … Read more

[MBAVR-3] Minimalist development board for ATmega8/ATmega88/ATmega168/ATmega328

This is another quick how-to guide of making a minimalist development board for AVR. This time is about MBAVR-3 development board designed for megaAVR MCUs like ATmega8, ATmega88, ATmega168 or ATmega328. It is a 3rd project in series of MBAVR familly home-made boards in order to create an nice environment for rapid development. I did … Read more