My Projects

Bellow is the list of my commercial projects I worked on and which I would like to highlight.

Multimedia Module

This module has been designed for smart city solutions like Smart Bus Stops or Solar Benches (

Key features:

  • microcontroller based multimedia module,
  • content managment for e-paper displays,
  • advanced light managment (power LEDs, RGB LEDs, sensors),
  • 2G/NB/LTE Cat-M1 connection for OTA updates, remote/API control and telemetry.

Power Distribution Module

Power distribution module for smart ecological furniture ( powered by solar energy.

Key features:

  • microcontroller based power distribution managment (12V, 5V and 3.3V) up to 10A,
  • power consumption measurement of all connected modules (multimedia devices, phone chargers, etc.),
  • RS-485 interface,
  • GSM connection for OTA updates, remote control/API and telemetry,
  • solar charger controller.

E-POS Module

POS IoTizer. The device collects statistics data from off-line POS devices and sends it to server/online platform in real-time.

Key features:

  • ESP8266 as a heart of module,
  • WiFi connection for OTA updates, autoconfiguration, pushing statistics and telemetry,
  • RS-232 interface.

Meteorological Rocket Controller

Device acts as a main board for the meteorological rocket project built on Warsaw University of Technology.

Key features:

  • microcontroller based rocket board,
  • initiator of detonation,
  • realtime calculation of the 9-points of freedom,
  • GPS tracker (>10Hz),
  • support for static and differential pressure sensors,
  • uSD card storage,
  • support for temperature sensors,
  • telemetry,
  • PCB resistant to shock and overload forces.

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