How to install AVR assembler AVRA on Linux (Ubuntu)

In this article I’d like to show how to install AVRA – an opensource version of assembler for ATMEL (currently MICROCHIP) chips on Linux (Ubuntu). Please note that AVRA is not a part of AVR-GCC and uses different directives.

1. Install AVRA

sudo apt-get install avrdude avra

2. Compile and flash example program (ATtiny13)

Clone repository from GitHub

cd $HOME
git clone

Compile example program

cd $HOME/blog/avr/attiny13/043_blinky_with_delay_function_asm

Burn the code

cd $HOME/blog/avr/attiny13/043_blinky_with_delay_function_asm
make flash

3. References

2 thoughts on “How to install AVR assembler AVRA on Linux (Ubuntu)

  1. “Burn the Code” should have a warning that if a programmer isn’t installed, your computer freezes over.
    I haven’t checked yet but it appears that “avrdude” is installed when the avra is installed. If avrdude is installed then, there should be a “time-out” for “programmer not installed” when avrdude is activated. Sorry this sounds negative. –I’ll keep trying. (I’m new to ubuntu)..

    • That’s interesting. It calls a system process which should not hang your computer doing this way. Hope you managed it.

      Regarding “avrdude” – your sugestion is right. Avrdude is not AVRA dependency. it’s a separete project of user choice (avrdude, avrp, avrprog, etc.). I just added it to the “install” section as I use it in an example later on. Hope it’s clear now. Thanks!


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