Excellent PCBs from PCBWay

I would like to share with you my experience with last order from China manufacturer – PCBWay. I’ve checked several local PCB manufacturers in Poland. I always tought that local manufacturers are much faster in delivery (due to distance) than for example – PCBWay. Well, I must admit that I was wrong in my calculations 🙂 The PCBWay turned out far more faster then my local choices – either in fabrication and delivery!

The story begins when I ordered 100+ PCBs on Tuesday evening. After 30 minuts I got information that verification process by engineer has been passed and my project has been queued to fabrication. The whole process (fabrication and delivery) took only 5 days. I received my PCBs in monday morning next week. Just amazing.

That’s not the only argument that convinced me to make next orders there. The quality of PCBs is also impressive. The fact is that project of PCB I’ve used was quite simple (two layers, traces min. 8mils and big smd packages) but in my opinion the holes, pads, solder mask and silkscreen (I used very small font) are perfect what make me think that they would easly handle also projects with high complexiity. We will see 🙂

Bellow is an interesting video that describes the process of making PCBs in PCBWay factory.

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  1. I’ve also had good experiences with PCBWay, I’ve done 6 or 7 runs of several boards and they’ve been quick and of good quality.

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