AVR development board for ATtiny13, ATtiny85, etc.

This is an upgraded version of MBAVR-1 – a minimalist development board for tiny AVR microcontrollers like ATtiny13, ATtiny15, ATtiny25, ATtiny45 or ATtiny85. The board has been designed for a rapid prototyping of devices based on tinyAVR chips. The small-size MBAVR-1t board can be installed directly on protoboard or used as shield by other PCB. Also, by adding DIP8 holder you can program the chip and then install it in other place. I love using it in my projects. This cool, lightweight and very cheap dev-board helped me design all ATtiny13 examples you can find on my website. Project files (including gerber) are available on GitHub, here.

This project is also available on PCBWay Bazzar. You can order PCBs from there!

PCB from PCBWay

Key Features

  • AVR ISP socket (JP1) for AVR programmer (i.e. USBasp programmer)
  • headers for all MCU pins
  • socket for DIP8 AVR chip
  • power supply connector (JP2)
  • onboard LED (power on)
  • extremely easy to assemble
  • small-size, handy PCB board (27x28mm)

Parts Required

  • JP1 – AVR ISP socket (IDC-10)
  • JP2 – pin header (1×2; male; 2.54)
  • C1 – capacitor 100nF (smd 1206)
  • R1 – resistor 10kΩ (smd 1206)
  • R2 – resistor 560Ω (smd 1206)
  • LED1 – green or blue LED (smd 1206; <20mcd)
  • SV1, SV2 – pin header (1×4; male or femal; 2.54)
  • chip holder DIP8 (optionally)

Circuit Diagram

PCB Views


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