ATtiny13 – assembler (AVRA) tutorial

Some time ago I got an email from Anthony Peck who is also a big fan of ATtiny13. He wrote that he is working on “AVR Assembler by Example” tutorial. First thought – he started hard task. When he sent me a draft of document then it turned out that all examples are based on ATiny13! That is amazing and exceptional tutorial. Examples can be compiled on Linux or Windows using AVRA. His work is already available online – AVR Assembler by Example.

Anthony’s tutorial through detailed coverage of assembler language programming principles and techniques teaches the basic system capabilities of 8-bit AVR microcontrollers and what is the most important – thinking about programming in an assembler-way. The text illustrates fundamental AVR RISC architecture and programming tips using AVR assembler language in series of example. Step by step introduces to all AVR features.

Thank you Anthony!

Kym and Anthony Peck

Kym and Anthony Peck

One thought on “ATtiny13 – assembler (AVRA) tutorial

  1. Mr. Anthony Peck–
    I enjoyed your attached articles of personal note. -You have a great sense of humor!!!
    The AVR programmer stuff appears to be the resource I was looking for. -Brass Tacks.. Everything out there relies on experimentation.. -I’m such a newcomer to the Linux platform that I appreciate the “down-to-earth”/”nut-and-bolts” stuff… –And, the number of links to help explain…
    I haven’t found Nirvana either…

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