About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Łukasz Podkalicki. I’m living in Warsaw, Poland. I’m electronics hobbyist since 1996 and software engineer with over 12yrs of experience

My primary interest lies in computer programming. However, I occasionally occupy myself in areas like electronics and embedded. In addition – cryptography, passive/active radars, DSP, telco, furniture design, woodworking, CNC, guitar, violin and fly fishing.


I hope you like my code sharing! If so, then please star my repository on GitHub – https://github.com/lpodkalicki/blog


Did you find a bug in my code or on the schematic? Please report it to help me keep a high quality content.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Instagram. If you have a question to my projects you can contact me via e-mail at lpodkalicki@gmail.com.

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