[MBAVR-2] Minimalist development board for ATtiny2313/ATtiny4313

This is a quick how-to guide of making a minimalist development boards for MCU of tinyAVR, like ATiny2313 or ATiny4313. MBAVR-2 is a second project in series of MBAVR family home-made boards in order to create an nice environment for rapid development. All I did, I did at home. I used toner transfer technique for … Read more

What is Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) ?

Serial peripheral interface (SPI) is a hardware/software communication protocol originally developed by Motorola and widely used by others in the industry. SPI is quite straightforward – it defines how to communicate in easy way between 2 digital devices – i.e. between AVR and devices, like other AVRs, external EEPROMs, DACs, ADCs, etc. SPI is a single-master … Read more