100+ Arduino Projects

I’m using frequently Arduino development board (i.e. Arduino UNO) as a fast project validation platform. I love it for its simplicity and AVR-base nature. I decided to refactor and publish some of my Arduino projects here!

Arduino key features:

  • advanced RISC architecture (up to 1MIPS/1MHz, easy to learn Assembler)
  • 32kB of Flash, 1kB of EEPROM and 2kB of SRAM
  • five software selectable power saving modes
  • operating voltage range (1.8V to 5.5V) and industrial temperature range (-40ºC to +85ºC)
  • peripherals like USI, 3 timers, 6-channel ADC, Watchdog or Analog Comparator
  • many developer tools that are open-source and free (Arduino-IDE, Wiring Platform, AVR-GCC, etc.)
  • cheap development boards (also with other chips like ESP32, ESP8266 and based on ARM core)
  • great community!

Here are the ATmega328 datasheet, the ATmega328 – minimalist development board and little guide about getting started with Arduino. Also important – Arduino Code Style Guide and Arduino API Style Guide.


[001] Arduino – blinky with delay function
[002] Arduino – blinky with Timer1 OVF
[003] Arduino – blinky with Timer1 COMPA
[004] Arduino – example of 28BYj-48 stepper motor controller
[005] Arduino – basic LED blink (light effect)
[006] Arduino – LED brightness (light effect)
[007] Arduino – LED linear fade (light effect)
[008] Arduino – LED logarithmic fade (light effect)

Realization plan is about ~15%. Some of projects are in progress and some are ready to publish. I’ll keep this page updated!